Is Refacing Kitchen Area Cabinets Worth The Cost?

For San Diego residents looking to update their kitchen cabinets, the average cost of refacing the cabinets will run around $6,600 while replacing them entirely can run twice that. Firstly though, refacing is a complex, labor intensive task that is ill suited to those that haven’t been properly trained. It’s worth the expenditure to have it professionally done. With a refacing, specialists will replace the veneer, the outward faces of the drawers, and the doors themselves. This can give a standard set of kitchen cabinets an entirely fresh look and revitalize the entire kitchen. For those for whom the expenditure isn’t worth the cost, there are a number of DIY options that can prove very useful and are less labor intensive and costly.

#1. Painting

Maybe what your cabinets need is a good paint job. It’s not going to change the look of cabinets as much as refinishing would, but painting is a good option for those who want to give their cabinets a facelift. Semi-gloss enamel is your best option paintwise.

#2. Replacing the Doors

If you’re looking to upgrade the doors, you don’t have to necessarily pay to have the cabinets refaced entirely, and there are a number of excellent options to choose from. For those who are sick of standard glass, you can get frosted or textured glass. Patterned glass options also exist, and it’s merely a matter of replacing the doors.

#3. Roll Out Shelving

There are two reasons folks look into replacing their cabinetry. The first is aesthetics, and the second is space. For those who are looking to free up or creatively create some extra space and convenience, roll out shelving is a great little add on that’s inexpensive to install and will make your life that much easier.

#4. Lid Storage

Since time immemorial, folks have been coming up with creative ways to make use of the limited space at their disposal, and check here nowhere has this process been in more dire need than in the kitchen. Pans, lids, and other awkward items seem to take up more space than they really should due to the fact that cabinets are box-like and pans and lids are both difficult to stack and fit awkwardly in square spaces. Adding lid storage to the doors doesn’t have to look unsightly, and it will take pressure off the interior of the cabinets, freeing up space.

#5. Invest in Knobs and Handles with a Bit of Character

Standard builder’s cabinets are generally about as boring as they can be. If you’re looking at small cosmetic upgrades for the kitchen, investing in some designer knobs and handles for the doors and drawers might be precisely the thing you need to add a little life to the cabinetry. These are among the cheapest products you can buy, so you won’t be breaking the bank in the process.

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